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A Valentine Story – Darin and David Brunstad

Love is in the Air. Happy Valentines Day! 

valentines_day_Darin_and_DavidA Valentine Story – Darin and David Brunstad

20 years ago on 12 February, David and I were married – because we loved each other and it felt like the natural thing to do. It had never been done before in our church, so the congregation had to vote on whether or not it would become ‘Open and Affirming’.

This was done during a regular church service, and we sat in the pews as the issue was brought up and voted on. The vote had to be unanimous, yet there was one young family who was uncomfortable with the concept of same-sex marriage.

They had just left a conservative church and this was a bit much for them. In the end they simply abstained from voting, and we were allowed to plan our ceremony for the 12th of February, 1994.

David cashed in the only stock he owned, and we celebrated as best we could for a total of $1,500. David’s best friend Jerry got a deal on a case of champagne and made the wedding cake. Our friend John Paul arranged the flowers. Emily sang ‘Unexpected Song’ and another friend played the piano.

We rented the basement of the church for the potluck reception, and David ‘borrowed’ all the supplies from his second job, which was catering for the university.

Although it wasn’t legal anywhere at the time, no one could ever tell us that we weren’t really married. On 05 November 2011 we were legally married- yet February 12th will always be our one and only anniversary. 


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  • Marina J says

    This makes me happy. I miss you two.

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